Bar Cart Tray…

Photos by me

I am so excited to share this little area of our formal living room with y’all! It’s been one of my favorite pieces to style. I think its adds such a fun vibe to the room! I wanted to set up a little focal point for our guests. I found this item at Home Goods at under $100! I was ecstatic to bring it home and began perusing sites for ideas on how I wanted to style it. When it comes to decorating bar cart trays the first few things I thought of were glasses, a bottle opener and cocktail napkins. The glasses I found at World Market. I love how they bring a whimsical feel to the tray! The marble coasters I ordered from West Elm. The napkins and bottle opener I picked up from Home Goods. The other little details like the candy dish and magazine are the finishing touches. Who doesn’t love sour gummy bears?! No matter your decor style there are so many options to when it comes to bar cart trays. It’s all about having fun with it!:)

Thanks for stopping by!


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