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Happy Birthday to me! In honor of my 34th birthday, I thought I would open up and share some facts you may not know about me. I also wanted to share pictures from one of my favorite blog post shot at the IMA gardens here in Indy.

1) When I’m half asleep, I can be ultra goofy. My husband has recently witnessed this and seems to enjoy trying to get me to talk because of how silly the conversation can be.

2) I can be waaaaay clumsy.

3) I’m an ultra neat freak. I can’t stand leaving a kitchen dirty and seem to sleep better when all my stuff is put away.

4) I can’t say the word crayon properly… at all. Believe me I’ve tried!

5) I love bubble baths! A lot! Gimme me a great workout followed by a bubble bath and I am in heaven.

6) I love working out! I seriously get upset if I can’t fit one in. They fuel me from the inside out.

7) I fell for my husband on the tennis court.

8) My favorite flowers are roses.

9) I can’t go a morning without coffee.

10) I am southern to the core with my creole and cajun seasoning obsession.

11) I have a freckle behind one of my eyes.

12) I love to cook … I create recipes in my brain as I cook just using my senses. I always feel bad when people want a recipe because it’s tough to explain the ingredient amounts when you cook like I do. I’m so structured in other areas of my life so it’s so relaxing to not follow any rules when it comes to cooking. Give me like five ingredients and I’ll come up with a fun gourmet dish!

13) I do at home manis and pedis.

14) I am a sucker for a wonderful handbag!

15) And shoes:)

16) I style my outfits for the next day in my head before I go to sleep.

17) I didn’t get to grow up with all my siblings.

18) I love salads! My favorite is a wedge salad or one made of goat cheese/ cucumber / tomato & red onion drizzled with olive oil.

19) I keep my car super clean. I’m sure this will get more challenging as we take on a puppy soon.

20) I’ve always felt quite peaceful about taking on parenthood in my mid thirties. There’s a lot of pressure put on women to do things before they are ready. Truth is, we all have our own timing and you need to do what feels right to you. And trust God through it!

21) I love to run! If you have ever had runners high, you can relate! I’m cycling right now in my workouts and I’m enjoying that almost as much.

22) I was in foster care from the age of 3 on. I had to grow up really fast.

23) I love interior design! I am so grateful to be working in this area!

24) I have a very deep faith in God. I am a Christian and so very proud to call our Lord my creator!

25) I love to laugh!

26) I have a terrible sense of direction.

27) I am the worst singer.

28) I’ve always wanted to name my dog Alfred and I’m lucky to be doing that come Friday as we bring our new puppy home!

29) I love to travel! I an adventurer at heart. I’m the type of person where you could give me a couple hours notice to pack and I’m game to hop on a plane!

30) I’ve never been camping and I don’t plan to… I love to hike but give me a cabin fire with a glass of red wine after please:)

31) If I could have a super power, I would want to fly.

32) I’m fascinated by sharks! Their size alone is amazing to me! I’ve always wanted to go in one of those shark diving cages.

33) I value my girlfriends sooo much! They have been a constant in my life, sounding board and an inspiration. I couldn’t do life without them!

34) I can be over independent, over sensitive and over emotional. I’m passionate and goal oriented. I believe in reaching your goals no matter the obstacle.

So there you have it! I really enjoyed sharing with y’all! I want to thank all my followers and people who have cheered me on in my blogger life. I have met some wonderful people and I look forward to growing as a blogger over the next year!

Thanks for stopping by!


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