A Puppy Addition…

Happy Almost New Year! We’ve had another major snow in Indy so we’ve been staying warm indoors all day! While we were in Ohio last weekend it snowed on Christmas Eve and I took advantage of the winter wonderland to snap some images after church with our sweet Alfred! I can’t imagine life before him and although our sleep cycle will never be the same, he’s so worth it! He loves eating the snow and yet won’t stay out in it for more than a few minutes. We have been in full training mode with him and and I’ve learned more about myself thru it then I thought I would.

1) I can run on less sleep than I ever knew:)

2) I am more patient than I’ve give myself credit for.

3) My multitasking is at a new level.

4) My heart has grown a size in love.

5) I’ve never enjoyed watching someone eat more than Alfred.

6) Alfred has taught me how to stop everything and enjoy the moment especially when he’s snuggled in my lap.

7) I’ve learned the art of napping thanks to this cute fur ball.

8) My new favorite family moments include the three of us goofing off together.

Btw, the fur I’m wearing is from Amazon and under $100! It’s soo cozy and perfect to wear this time of year! Hubby is in Tommy Hilfiger! Linking similar items below!

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