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I can’t believe it’s almost the middle of February, can y’all?! This year is already starting to fly by! Life has been nonstop for us and sometimes it can be hard to stop and just relax for a half hour to take it all in. There have been some wonderful things going on and some hard things as well. I am full throttle in design work and am so enjoying all the client projects. Puppy parenting has been more challenging and brought on some unexpected tasks with Alfred’s attachment issues but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Even if I may never get eight hours of sleep again:) I’ve also had some sad news about a family member hit in early January and I’ve done my best to give it over to God. But to be honest, sometimes Ill be in the middle of having fun and that individual and their circumstance will hit my heart and it feels heavier in a second. As a Christian I know the best thing to do is pray and I will instantly try and pray right then and there for God to life the sorrow. In happier news, we have begun our search to build or renovate a home later this year and I am so excited! Life is full of good times and hard times and I’ve learned to be thankful for the joyful moments and pray thru the hard moments. I try to take at least three bubble baths a week to keep me relaxed… lately it’s been hard to get in one a week lol. But as someone who believes in taking time for yourself, I created this area to draw me to this certain spot more often. This glass table is actually one I bought at World Market and painted white. The pastel rose soaps, bubble bath and candle are also from there. This candle smells heavenly y’all, I highly recommend picking one up! The tall white case is from Home Goods. It makes a great statement on any table. So for any woman out there who needs a little me time, go enjoy a bubble bath and unwind for a bit:)

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