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Happy Monday y’all! I’m currently enjoying a nice cup of coffee before my morning workout and have a puppy sleeping in my lap:) The other week I shot our coffee table setup for the blog and I’m excited to be sharing it with y’all! Would you believe I did this floral arrangement for under $20 myself?! I used roses my husband got me for Valentine’s Day and paired it with the green stems. I am such a fan of doing florals myself I stead of overpaying for it. If I wasn’t in design I would be a florist. I just get swept away creating different looks with flowers. They are the perfect finishing touch to any table! The coffee table itself is an amazon buy and really has been one of the best pieces I’ve purchased. It’s timeless and elegant. The silver tray, black chest and wishbone are all from HomeGoods. I’ve changed our color scheme to black and white and so finding this black chest was such a treat! It really pops in our living room. The coffee table books are a combination of gifts and ones I’ve bought myself at Barnes & Noble. I just love going there to peruse all the latest books! The marble coasters are from TJMaxx. When it comes to coffee table decorating, my design advice is to fill it with items that hold your interest and create warmth in a room!

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