Easter Celebration…

Happy Friday y’all! I managed to capture our Easter this year and wanted to share the outfit breakdown! I also wanted to share how my faith is so important to me. I scored this beautiful lace dress from Nordstrom! It was under $100 and it’s a classic staple in my closet. The Sam Elderman white sandals are also from Nordstrom! This store is one of my favorite places to shop! My blazer is actually from a target line! It’s a linen pastel pink and the preppy girl in me got so excited to find it! The handbag is a Rebecca Minkoff bought from Nordstrom Rack!

Zac and I spent Easter this year in Indy with our sweet Dobermann pup Alfred. We went to church and then I made an Easter brunch and we enjoyed a movie and relaxation with the pup. I made stuffed chicken and lamb chops for dinner. We had the best day! Easter is my favorite holiday! I love the celebration of Christ rising and the whole day reminds me how thankful I am to be a Christian. My faith is the foundation of who I am and I am so thankful to be married to someone who shares that same faith.

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